Steve Lawler and I took the float tubes to Concepción reservoir today to see if there were any black bass knocking about. This is a beautiful spot and there is nowhere I would rather kick around. The bass here can be moody though, and enjoying the scenery is what we spend most of our time doing. The reservoir is quite steep sided and, if the surrounding contours are used as a guide, we can see that deep water is within little distance of the shore for most of the margin. The one or two exceptions turned out to be where the bass were to be found. Steve had the first one while I was fishing the steep drops and in the end I paddled over to where he had taken his fish and was rewarded with one of my own.

I was very fortunate that the fish turned out to be a very nice one and fortunate too that Steve had paddled over and was on hand to take a few snaps before the fish was returned. He even took some footage of the fish being lowered back into the water before quickly regathering its strength and swimming off.

The session was a short one as we both had afternoon commitments and were keen to squeeze in a beer and a bite of lunch before returning to the real world. Over lunch we discussed some plans for future adventures further afield and I am looking forward to them already.

Here are a few pictures from this morning:

This was a real lump
We managed a few photos before the bass went back
Living the dream!
I´m sorry about the poor focus here but you can get an idea of what the bass took. It is a clouser minnow type of thing. Interestingly, carp and even barbel have taken this fly.