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At this time of year I am deep in armchair fishing mode. The forecast here is for a weekend of rain. My local river will be colouring up now and the fish will be sulking.

I imagine that I am joined, while in armchair mode, by the vast majority of the world´s fly fishermen who, I imagine, live predominantly in the northern hemisphere. They are likely to be pacing around now annoying their wives and waiting for the onset of the spring and the prospects of a new season. Continue reading

Fat Trout and Venison

Harry Abbott has been tormenting me again. At the moment he is down in the South Island of New Zealand helping himself to some of the large trout swimming around in the Clutha river. So when I arrive home, weary with the burden of work and responsibility, and I sit down to open up my emails who should I see grinning at me but Mr Abbott. Continue reading

Harry Abbott, my old partner in crime, is down in New Zealand at the moment. He has just been over to Lake Onslow on the trail of the fat brown trout that swim around there. Unfortunately the weather is against him and it is unseasonably cold. After 3 hours or so of misery he threw in the towel. Continue reading