My brother Sean and our old buddy Mark McCann head west at this time of year to fish Lough Arrow in county Sligo. If things go according to plan (and they usually don´t) their brief adventure coincides with the hatching of our old buddy Ephemera danica although the mayflies this year appear to have not kept up their part of the bargain and didn´t really get going during the days of their visit. Unfortunately I am unable to extricate myself from duties here in Spain but I am there each year in spirit.

The boys hire a boat from Finny Dodd and camp on the shore of the lough. Things are kept nice and simple as they ought to be. There were just the two of them and Sean´s dog Meg. Needless to say they had a blast and a few trout into the bargain. Here are a few photos of their adventure so you can get a feel for things.