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On Saturday morning I had a chance to spend some time on the river with Simon Thompson. Simon is a keen fly fisherman who normally fishes for sea trout and salmon and his home waters in the UK include the Eden, and the Ribble. He was staying in Fuengirola and keen to see a bit more of the Guadalhorce River.

The fishing was a little slow to be honest, and we caught only a few smallish fish before finally trying a new pool. Then our luck changed and Simon caught a lovely fish, the best of the day, just in the shallows where the current spilled into the pool. This was his biggest gipsy so far and I was delighted for him. I was lucky to get a decent fish myself shortly after. Both fish took smallish nymphs. Continue reading

This blog thing has become something of a diary for me. It records not only my successes and failures on the river bank which, frankly, matter little to anyone else, but it also records other, more significant events.

One such event is the graduation of our son Leo from the English International College, the only school he has ever attended. This event, which took place last Friday, was the fifteenth “Speech Day” I have attended as a teacher but, of course, it was particularly significant not just for me but for his long-suffering mum, Catriona and his sister, Pippa.

The highlight was when he was presented with a book, the complete works of Shakespeare, which was signed by his teachers. The presentation was made by Robin Cousins OBE, the Olympic gold medallist ice skater and Dancing on Ice TV judge. I had a pretty good chat with Robin before the ceremony. He is a very nice guy. He brought his Olympic medal with him and doesn´t mind other people wearing it although he said he would never himself do this because he wants to recall that particular sensation as a unique memory. Fair enough. When the Director got his hands on the medal and put it around his neck we all figured that Cousins would never get the thing back again! Continue reading

This weekend I had the good fortune to go fishing with Paul Morgan who is very well known as a publisher and seller of books relating to fishing and field sports. If you have not already seen it, Paul´s vast collection can be seen on

Paul and I were planning to discuss a book which I have written and that he was interested in publishing but, like myself, he is an enthusiastic fly fisherman and we were both keen to do some fishing first. You have to get your priorities right! Continue reading

It sometimes appears that the world conspires to keep the simple pleasures of life at bay, or at least that is the way things were beginning to appear to me. Sunday was the first time in three weeks or so that I had a chance to get out to the river to see if I could trick a few fish into ingesting one of the simple little nymphs I tie up at home. Continue reading

Well, I guess I have been milking this TV thing long enough and this will be the last installment. Monday 28 April was the last day of filming and unfortunately I could not be there. While John and the TV crew had a final few hours on the river, I was back at work. Continue reading

The third day of our filming allowed us to fish the Guadalhorce for the first time. The river had cleared overnight and things began to look good when I saw a nice carp feeding in the shallows on my way to meeting the boys for breakfast at Cártama Estación. There it was in the shallows beneath the iron bridge lowering its head and working though the mud leaving clouds of silt to work their way downstream. As far I was concerned that carp was a good omen. The river was clear. The fish were there for the taking. Continue reading

The latest news from Ireland is that my nephew John Hogan has caught his first brown trout on a fly. His Dad sent me the news and his Mum sent me a photograph featuring John, his Dad Sean, and Meg the dog. Continue reading