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I guess at some time or another every one of us has found ourselves at shit creek with or without our paddles. Maybe some of us have even fished there. I think I have. From what I recall the fishing there was disappointing to put it mildly. Continue reading

On Wednesday of last week an old fishing buddy of mine, Norman Smith, passed away. It came out of the blue and we are all still shaking our heads and wondering what the hell happened. Yesterday I joined his family and friends for a service at the cemetery of Coín which was given by a lay preacher of the Church of England. I sat at the back of the room and, at the opposite end separated from us by a glass partition was Norman´s coffin. On our side there was a large photograph of Norman. In this picture he was looking particularly pleased with himself and why would´t he be? After all he is cradling an enormous carp. Continue reading

Brutus bows out

Our ancient dog Brutus had to be put to sleep yesterday. For several days his movements had been severely restricted and for the last 48 hours or so he was unable to get to his feet and spent most of his time sleeping. Continue reading

Only an idiot would venture out fishing in the afternoon heat here in Andalucía and so it will come as no surprise that I spent a few happy hours on the banks of the Guadalhorce yesterday afternoon and followed this up by a bit more of the same today! The worry at this time of the year is that the fish succumb to same lethargic mood as the rest of us – a sort of dull torpor that descends like a fog of anaesthetic when the heat of summer begins to kick in. Continue reading

One of the nice things about fly fishing is that if things don´t go your way you have an endless supply of things to blame. There´s no need to point out that your lack of success is down to your own ineptitude when you can point out that the wind was blowing too hard, or not hard enough or the the time of the day was all wrong, or it all came down to the unsuitable temperature, phase of the moon or climate change. These, and many others, can be used either singly or in any combination to allow you to blank for the entire season with perfect justification. Continue reading

If you read this blog you will know that the thing is written by some bloke in the south of Spain and that it is largely built around the subject of fly fishing. This may well be true but the blog, for me, is the closest thing that I have to a diary and I am using it here to record an event which may have little significance for others but that means a great deal to me and to our family. Continue reading