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Wasting Time

My wife thinks that I am an idiot. She has, over the years, shown herself to be an excellent judge of character and so I have no reason to doubt her. Continue reading

Murray Thompson was kind enough to send me some pictures of Lake Onslow, and of his fishing hut where I had the pleasure of staying with friends on several occasions many years ago. Onslow is a wonderful lake and it is full of fine trout. I know I have a tendency to bang on about things and so I will shut up and let the pictures speak for themselves. Continue reading

Are you scared of great white sharks? Or maybe grizzly bears, or saltwater crocs, or tigers?

If you are I can understand. I am too. But it turns out that what we should really be worried about are mosquitos which are, by a very large margin, the most dangerous animals on earth.  Continue reading

There is a Lough half way up a mountain where my brother and I spend a day or two each year. It’s not easy to reach. The climb, over the sodden ground, saps the energy from our legs and makes us pause every now and then to catch our breath. Continue reading

On Wednesday a photograph of the long drop at Lake Onslow was sent to me and I have never been so excited to see a picture of a toilet. Continue reading

A nymph for barbel

I have a nymph which has caught me a few barbel now and they seem to like the thing. The trouble is, I have only one of it, and so I thought it might be an idea to take a picture of it before I lose the damn thing or hang it up on the river bed or the branches of a tree. Continue reading

Nodding Off

Having trouble sleeping? Well, you could try counting sheep. But, personally I don’t recommend it. I tried it for years but it just doesn’t seem to work very well. Sheep can be very frustrating. For one thing they tend to move around a lot. This makes it very difficult to decide if the sheep you are counting has been counted already. Continue reading

It looks like the weatherman was right. Outside the heavens have opened. The French have an expression for weather like this:

“Il pleut comme une vache qui pisse”

It was because this weather was due that I was particularly keen to get to the river on Saturday before the rains bring the water up and colour the river. Continue reading

Real Men

The world is more complicated than I thought. Long ago I reckoned I knew the difference between a woman and a man. It was obvious really. Men were sort of, well, manly. They went out from time to time shooting rabbits, ploughing fields or fighting fires. Women, by contrast, married them, fed them and generally attended to their various needs. And the TV confirmed that it was so. While Tarzan was wrestling crocodiles in the swamp, Jane was at home taking his loincloth out of the tumble drier.

Now, before anyone starts ripping my head off, let me say that this all happened long ago. Those were the thoughts in the mind of a boy. I have since grown up and discovered, as I say, that the world is complicated. For one thing there are now more men who are hair stylists than fight fires. Apparently some men wear aftershave, condition their hair and look in the mirror… Continue reading

Christmas this year was spent in England and Ireland and it was great to see family and friends again. There was, not unexpectedly, a lot of sitting around and not a little consumption of alcohol.

In the UK the brown trout have their feet up too and are enjoying the closed season but the fishing for rainbows in many still water fisheries continues and there is good fishing for grayling for those who want to get out on the river and are prepared to brave the cold weather.

Back home in Spain, I lost no time in making for the river. I was in some need of solitude and space and fresh air, all of which the Guadalhorce provides in abundance.

I hooked a barbel pretty soon after starting up but the fish was hooked in the cheek rather than having taken the nymph properly. This is always regrettable, but it happens from time to time. Fortunately the fish was unharmed and, after apologising profusely to it, I released it and it made its way back upstream to the head of the pool from which it had been taken.    Continue reading