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You can´t be in two places at once. This is a shame because this evening there were two places I desperately wanted to be. One was the river bank, which will come as no surprise, and the other was in front of some screen showing Ireland playing Romania in the rugby world cup.

In the end I managed a bit of each. I had planned on watching the whole rugby match but could only do so on a computer and was frustrated by the streaming. One minute the players were flat out running, or tackling, or trying to kill each other and then the next they would all just freeze in every imaginable contortion until they would suddenly come to life again. Despite the frustrations of seeing a match unfold in this way I stuck it out until Ireland had a healthy lead and I felt they were safe to continue in my absence without the instruction that I provide. Continue reading

Last week I met up with three visiting fishermen and, on Sunday, we spent a few hours on the river before going to take a look at Concepción Reservoir. I had been lucky enough to meet Simon Thompson pretty recently at the CLA game fair in Leeds. Simon is another blogger and has a great blog which, if you have not seen it already, is well worth a visit. You can reach it (I hope) by clicking on this link:

Though Simon and I were no strangers to this river (we had spent an afternoon on the Guadalhorce last year) it was the first visit for the other two members of the fishing party, Simon´s brother Stuart and Jonathon, who is Simon´s long-time fishing buddy.

The boys were all set up for a week´s fishing but they seem to have been plagued with bad luck from the outset. To start off with, the heavens opened up early in the week and, not to put too fine a point on it, it absolutely pissed down. At this time of year we might get a little rain, or more likely, none at all. The torrential rain made news headlines here and there are Youtube sequences showing cars and trucks pushed through towns by the muddy waters. Continue reading