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The publication of the article “Young Bucks” in this month´s Fly Fishing and Fly Tying represents a little milestone of sorts for me. It is the 12th of my articles that have appeared in that august publication and I feel very pleased that my modest contributions, if placed end to end, would now span a full year.

The first of these, “Naked Trout Fishing” appeared in July 2010 and the others have turned up intermittently since then. All of them, in their original form, are here on the blog. Continue reading

Have you heard? We´re living in a new era! It´s post-truth. Everybody´s talking about it so I guess it must be true, if anything can now be considered to be true that is.

It seems to me that truth didn´t keel over and expire suddenly. Instead, it underwent a gradual deterioration of health last year before it finally succumbed. There was no bedside vigil in the final hours and days. It was gone before anyone noticed. Continue reading