Yesterday I took a look at youtube and saw a guy tie up a crayfish imitation that was intended to appeal to one of those big comizo barbel that swim around in the Río Guadiana. The guy doing the tying was in lockdown here in Spain, just like me, and the fly he tied (if we can really call the imitation of a crustacean a “fly”) was christened the Guadiana Crawfish. The tier is a guy called César Tardio and he´s a really good fisherman who puts a lot of worthwhile stuff on youtube.

César, being house-bound had a bit of time on his hands and he was in no particular rush. The fly took him nearly 40 minutes to tie but, of course he was in the business of telling dummies like me how to make a half-decent fly and that, obviously takes time. The finished article looked great and I have no doubt it would fish very well. It had a tungsten dumb-bell tied in at the “arse” on the opposite side of the hook bend from the point and so the little crayfish would stand up with its pincers and antennae facing upwards in the pugilistic attitude that the critter would adopt in nature if it felt under threat.

I thought the design idea was great and have just had a go at tying up something that would show the same attitude. My own tying is, frankly, pretty crap (particularly compared to that of the maestro himself) but I think it would look like a fair approximation of the real deal.

When life returns to normal I will see if the carp in the Conde del Guadalhorce take the same view.

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 19.50.42

This is the real deal. The full tying instructions can be seen by following this link:


Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 19.57.41

I am a little embarrassed to admit it but this is my version! (quicker to tie!) It certainly lacks class of the original but I think it might just do the trick!