One of the great benefits of the blog, as far as I´m concerned, is that it has introduced me to a new extended family made up of other fly fishermen and like-minded souls. Many live overseas and have been in touch from time to time. Others I have had a chance to meet up with in person, often on the river bank.

Just for the hell of it I have compiled below a photographic record of some of the friends and acquaintances from the last few years. Many are fishermen. Some are not. To all of these, and to the rest of my “extended family”, I would like to express my thanks for the interest that they have shown in the blog and for the comments made and for all the fun we have had in the process.

So here they are…….


Here is Colin McLachlan. We fished together in Extremadura in November. Colin is excellent company and an enviable fly tier. I had hoped to post something about his flies but never got round to it!



This is my brother Sean. We have been fishing together since the dawn of time often in the company of…….



Mark McCann! Here is the man himself with a handsome trout.


Here is Johan Terblanche. He hails originally from South Africa and is a pretty frequent visitor to Spain. We have fished together a few times and I am looking forward to meeting up again for a few more adventures in 2018.


Here is my nephew John Hogan paddling his old man´s kayak. I added this photo because John does´t seem to be in the next one….


Which is this! Here is Nancy Hogan, her silly Dad and brother Dan. They are taking a bit of down time during an energy-sapping fly tying session in Valentia!


This one has nothing to do with fishing. This is my real family! From the left, my son Leo, my lovely wife Catriona, me, and our daughter Pippa. This photo was taken after Pippa´s graduation from school. As Head Girl she made a terrific speech and we were all buzzing!



Here is Frank Huisman at the river. Frank is a former student and is now studying Aerospace Engineering at UCLA.


Harry Abbott is a fishing friend of many years and he recently introduced me to David Blaire who was over from New Zealand. David and Harry have had all kinds of adventures together over the years.


Here is Clive Smith en route to the river. We have fished together only once but I´m sure our paths will cross again soon. Like many fly fishermen I know, Clive is a keen ornithologist.


In the spring I had a day´s fishing with these guys. From left to right Johan Terblanche, Pieter Van Der Merwe and Wian Terblanche. These guys know what they´re doing and we had a really great day.


Here is Dave Felce. He pops over to Spain from time to time. We met up in Extremadura one time and hopefully will fish again in Spain (or maybe in Scotland where he comes from!)


Antonio Lloreda, Keith Baxter and Steve Lawler fishing up in Extremadura. We had a field day chasing bass.


And me!


Recognise these three? Antonio, Steve and Keith. This time we were fishing for beautiful trout in the upper Guadalquivir.


Here´s a nice picture of my son Leo with a fish. Leo has the patience to fish now. When he was small I took him to the river and spent ages crawling into a casting position to get a shot at some spooky fish and Leo, bored by the inactivity, lobbed a rock into the river and scared the shit out of everything, including me!


Two cool guys; Elliot Lee (on the left) and Frank Huisman. We´ve already met Frank. Elliott is now at the University of Leeds studying Environment and Business.

photo 1-2

The Extremadura fishing party of 2016 (I think!). From left to right: Steve Lawler, Fred Carrie, Colin McLachlan, and Dave Felce.


Here is another fishing party made up of two brothers and a pal. From left to right: Simon and Stuart Thompson and Jonathan.


Here´s a bunch of people I met up with when my book was launched in the Summer of 2015 at the CLA game fair. Left to right: Marion, Ken, Paul Morgan, myself, Luke and Jane. I had a real blast there.


Harry and John Abbott letting the good times roll on Rutland in the summer of 2015. On the previous day Harry caught heaps of trout here and I caught one! The day we fished with John the fishing was pretty crap but we all enjoyed ourselves.


This is a nice shot of Steven Lawler after a very good afternoon on the river.

5lb gypsyAA

Here´s John Langridge with a barbel he took on the last day of filming we did with a film crew from Jara y Sedal.


Two intrepid adventurers! My wife saw this picture and says I look like a dork. It´s the hair net apparently! This is a picture of Julio Rodriguez and me on the Caminito del Rey.


I taught these two girls to fly cast once on a day we were supposed to be doing Biology fieldwork! Both of these lovely girls were very bright. Théa (in the pink dress) went on to study Natural Science at Cambridge and Clarinde went on to get a first in Biomedical Science at UCL.


When my son graduated from school I took him and a few of his friends on a fishing trip for a couple of days. In the end I did most of the fishing and the boys drank beer! Left to right: Daniel Porter, moi, Ryan Edwards, Damian Lewis and Leo.


Paul Morgan with what was, I think, his first gypsy barbel. Paul is a great bloke. He was the guy who published my book and he and his wife Ceri joined us for a weekend in Andalucía.


This is a picture of Simon Thompson with a very nice gypsy barbel he caught on our first outing together.

film crew

This is a favourite of mine. This is the Jara y Sedal film crew, myself and John Langridge. From left to right: Guillermo (producer) Moi, Gustavo (driver), Fernando (driver), Raúl (director), Paco (cameraman), Juan (cameraman), John Langridge.