You may be aware, following the recent screening of an episode of “Jara y Sedal” that I have become a major A list film star! As a matter of fact I am waiting by the phone for the calls that should come in from Hollywood agents as I write this!

In one of my regular tongue-in-cheek exchanges with my beloved wife I said that I hope that fame does not change me. She said simply “I hope it does!”

I had a quick chat with Mr Langridge who also saw the episode and enjoyed it too. It seems to capture the spirit of our little river and the sense of simple pleasure that we can derive from walking a river with a fly rod in hand in the company of a friend.

Anyway, as promised, I can now pass on the link which should take you directly to this episode. It is about 25 minutes long and so you might consider putting on the kettle before you fire it up.

I hope, first of all that the link works for you, and that you enjoy the programme!


5lb gypsyAA

Here´s John with a barbel he took on the last day of filming.