Harry Abbott has been tormenting me again. At the moment he is down in the South Island of New Zealand helping himself to some of the large trout swimming around in the Clutha river. So when I arrive home, weary with the burden of work and responsibility, and I sit down to open up my emails who should I see grinning at me but Mr Abbott.

Yesterday he went and caught two whoppers – one of eight pounds and another of seven and his fishing buddy David caught a tiddler of a mere five pounds. (He ought to be ashamed of himself!) All the fish were taken on a size 14 hare´s ear nymph and were returned to the river unharmed.

The trout in question were hoisted aloft for their photographs to be taken and were so large that Harry´s face disappeared out of the shot behind their spotty flanks.

The Clutha river, if you are not familiar with it, is absolutely huge. It is the second longest river in New Zealand (the longest in the South Island) and discharges a greater volume of water into the sea than any other. Remarkably, the “river” continues into the south Pacific as a submarine canyon system a hundred miles long.

I know I tease Harry quite a bit about his adventures and am given to stating how envious I feel but the truth is he is a fine fisherman and it is great to see him do so well. After the three fish photos which were attached to his message there was a fourth – a frying pan full of venison which was an accidental addition.

Fat trout and venison from the land of milk and honey!


You can just about see Harry behind this trout. The gastric band appearance is caused by leader wrapped around the trout´s flank. This fish, like the others was returned unharmed.



As if I wash´t tormented enough already!


David Blair with a very pretty fish.