Harry Abbott, my old partner in crime, is down in New Zealand at the moment. He has just been over to Lake Onslow on the trail of the fat brown trout that swim around there. Unfortunately the weather is against him and it is unseasonably cold. After 3 hours or so of misery he threw in the towel.

It was similarly cold when I was last there around Christmas of 2004 and there was ice in the margins. The fish were keeping to themselves and it was only when the conditions became a little warmer that they began to stir.

During our visit we lodged in Murray Thompson´s fishing hut and when the fishing was slow we consoled ourselves with beer. Very sadly, Murray has since passed on but Harry was kind enough to send a photograph of a cross that was erected close to the lake shore to help us to remember him.



Murray´s modest memorial in front of his fishing hut.





There are a lot of guys like me who are indebted to Murray´s generosity in allowing us to stay at his hut. I don´t imagine we will ever forget what it was like to be there.