It´s that time of the year now when most of us abandon any thoughts of fishing. The rods are stowed away somewhere. Maybe there is a decent fishing book on the go, or a few flies to tie up, but otherwise things have gone quiet.

Personally, I have my feet up on the coffee table and am eyeing up a box of biscuits doing the rounds of the living room. After that I might send my son Leo into the kitchen to procure a beer for me.

We are in the UK at the moment staying with Grandad. If you go outside now you will either freeze or be blown over by the wind. Either that or the rain will send you back inside to resume the committed relationship you have recently begun to establish with the television.

At times like these there is a danger of succumbing to “cabin fever” and, when this happens, I often find myself dreaming about fishing venues that might be worth a visit when the possibility arises.

During the last year, friends have been telling me about some of the places they have been fishing. Steve Lawler fished for enormous rainbows in Argentina in a remote place called Jurassic Lake. He had rainbows of more than 20 pounds there. To get to Jurassic Lake you have to jump into a creaking airplane with a bunch of trout bums (both prospects terrifying in themselves!). I had been hoping to write something about this place and hope to do so in the future.

The Jurassic experience doesn´t come cheap and recently Dave Felce has been filling us in on the prospects of flyfishing a little closer to home. He reported on the potential for flyfishing in Gran Canaria for big fat carp. For someone living in Scotland, as Dave does, the idea of fishing in a warm climate is very attractive.

Dave has written a great piece which he called “Gran Carparia” and which is likely to feature in one of the fishing magazines or periodicals. So I will not steal his thunder here. Instead, I will attach a couple of photographs he sent me to give you a feel for the place

This is likely to be my last post for the year so many thanks to those who have followed the blog over the last few months and who have sent in comments. I hope you have a great break over Christmas and wish you all the best for 2017.


Here is Dave. Like the carp he is holding, he has a fine set of whiskers.


Somewhere to escape to in the future? Gran Canaria has untapped potential if you fancy the challenge of carp on the fly.