There are mice everywhere. I have been catching them at home all week and taking them out into the campo before releasing them. It´s become a kind of sport – small game hunting. If you don´t have any hobbies you might consider taking it up and if you are on a tight budget it might suit you well. After all, it´s much cheaper than going on a safari.

My wife doesn´t really want me to say much about any of this because it may give the impression that we live in squalor and are overrun with vermin. Things are not quite that bad. The truth is that we have occasionally had the odd mouse (our cat used to keep them in check but the cat is much worse at doing this now that it´s dead). It just seems now that mice have all decided to move in and they have converted our house into a kind of mouse metropolis.

The mouse trap I bought a few weeks back was of limited use because the mice were pretty good at squeezing themselves through the holes in the cage. You really do have to take your hat of to our mice. They are very flexible.

To get round their penchant for escapology I taped up the trap so that the mesh was sealed up and it has caused some improvement. Now there are fewer escapees. As a result, in the last week I have caught and released six mice.

Yesterday while I was fixing up the trap a mouse appeared on the table and rapidly leapt over the edge only to land inside one of my wife´s trainers. I picked up the shoe and took my little prisoner away to where I have recently been releasing his comrades. I wished him well and took a quick photo before he scurried off into the grass.

It´s been almost 24 hours since the last mouse capture and it´s all quiet on the moustern front. There hash´t even been a sighting.

I´m beginning to miss them.


Small game hunting on a shoestring