Well, I guess I have been milking this TV thing long enough and this will be the last installment. Monday 28 April was the last day of filming and unfortunately I could not be there. While John and the TV crew had a final few hours on the river, I was back at work.

John had a good day was tempted a couple of lovely fish with dry flies. I received a text message telling me about his fish and look forward to seeing the footage in due course.

John was kind enough to send on some photos and I have attached them below.

What now? The TV guys headed back to Madrid and will turn the footage taken over four days into a 25 minute program. It will not be broadcast until autumn 2015 at the earliest.

For me the whole exercise was a great adventure. It was fun to see how the TV people go about their business and it was great fun too to get to hang around with John who is as passionate about fishing as anyone I have met. And of course it was lovely, as it always is, to spend a few days on the river.

Here are some of John´s pictures……

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