This blog thing has become something of a diary for me. It records not only my successes and failures on the river bank which, frankly, matter little to anyone else, but it also records other, more significant events.

One such event is the graduation of our son Leo from the English International College, the only school he has ever attended. This event, which took place last Friday, was the fifteenth “Speech Day” I have attended as a teacher but, of course, it was particularly significant not just for me but for his long-suffering mum, Catriona and his sister, Pippa.

The highlight was when he was presented with a book, the complete works of Shakespeare, which was signed by his teachers. The presentation was made by Robin Cousins OBE, the Olympic gold medallist ice skater and Dancing on Ice TV judge. I had a pretty good chat with Robin before the ceremony. He is a very nice guy. He brought his Olympic medal with him and doesn´t mind other people wearing it although he said he would never himself do this because he wants to recall that particular sensation as a unique memory. Fair enough. When the Director got his hands on the medal and put it around his neck we all figured that Cousins would never get the thing back again!

What next for Leo? Now we have that long wait for exam results which will seem like forever (he is hoping to study Management at Saint Andrews). In the meantime, he can look forward to a piss up in Ibiza (ostensibly a year group “trip”) and, later in July, a fishing trip with his old man and a few of his mates.

We are very proud of him.

Leo and me at the graduation dinner a week or so ago

Leo and me at the graduation dinner a week or so ago