Something happened yesterday right out of the blue and it cracked me up.

I was paying for some diesel at the service station. This can take a little while because I need to get a receipt to claim some tax back later. While this was going on I was looking at the characters queuing at the other till. One guy comes up to the till looking a little dishevelled and he said “here´s 20 euros for the unleaded I just put into the Lamborghini at pump number four.”

I though this was mighty. You could see all of the pumps from the tills and at number four sat a Ford Fiesta that had seen better days. I don´t think I was the only one who was tickled by this. The attendant at the till grinned and the guy behind him seemed to register the comment too.

After the Lamborghini driver had settled up and walked out this next fella comes to the front of the queue and says “Mine´s the Ducati at pump six”


When he was done paying, and I had collected my receipt, I followed him out. I noticed he was carrying a helmet and, as I returned to the car, I saw him put his helmet on and approach pump number six where his moped was waiting.

Sometimes little things like this just happen.

Ducati Streetfighter - pump 6

Ducati Streetfighter – pump 6

Lamborghini Aventator - pump 4

Lamborghini Aventator – pump 4