Not a million miles from where I live there is a fishing tackle business which includes an extraordinary museum. We made a visit here during our second day of filming for Jara y Sedal. There is heaps of fishing gear here but it is the exhibited items of tackle that really steal the show.

The Sagarra museum and fishing tackle shop has a rather unlikely location in a warehouse in an industrial park close to Alhaurin de la Torre. It is the kind of place you would never come across by chance but it is well worth going out of your way to visit. The museum itself is testimony to the passion of a guy called Matyas who has been collecting fishing gear for years and seems to be a walking encyclopaedia.

Even if fishing is not particularly your thing is hard not to find the exhibits absorbing. The film crew are not fishermen but they all became drawn in by the place.

Sagarra is a Spanish tackle manufacturer with a pretty distinguished history although I am afraid to admit I knew almost nothing about this brand before my visit. This was a family-run business which, I believe, is no longer in operation.

You should hear Matyas when he gets going. Just point out any bit of kit on display and he will provide a potted history. And there are some really cool things. One of these was a spinner on the metal blade of which had an inscription of the Lord´s Prayer. Another memorable exhibit was a fully functional fixed spool fishing reel which is essentially a miniature version of the real thing. This piece, the result of meticulous work for a year and a half, was so small that you needed a magnifying glass to see it.

If you ever have a chance to go there I would strongly recommend a visit. Matyas is a nice guy and he is more than happy if you just want to browse. He is not going to pressurise you into buying things from the shop although it is really well equipped.

Personally, I fell in love with 10 foot 6 inch Beulah fly rod for 5/6 weight line and enjoyed a private fantasy of the two of us working together in glorious harmony on the Guadalhorce. Unfortunately the price tag made me snap out of it pretty fast.

The following link will take you into the museum if you want to find out more:

The Sagrra Museum and Fishing Shop

The Sagrra Museum and Fishing Shop


One of my favourite things: a miniature fishing reel for the rivers of Lilliput.

One of my favourite things: a miniature fishing reel for the rivers of Lilliput.