The stretch of river Guadalhorce which leads from its meeting with the Río Grande is quiet for much of the year. I usually have it to myself. But it was heaving with horses and people this afternoon. This is due to the annual Romería when crowds turn up at the river bank and hold a party al fresco. The most beautiful women attend this event and, sitting side saddle with drink in hand, they are quintessentially Andalucían.

I don´t know a great deal about horses. The last one I sat on would not even move until my Mum
put a coin into a slot beside it. But here at the Romería horses are everywhere and there are some real stunners. There is a real buzz here with kids, and old and young all hanging out together finding shade under the eucalyptus trees and the cool of the riverside breeze.
There seem to be few guiris like me wandering around and nobody seemed at all bothered that I was taking a few snaps. Traditions seem to be in danger of petering out in many places but it doesn´t seem that way here.
Long may it continue.