It´s high time we were introduced to Mark McCann.


Mark has the distinction of being one of my oldest fishing buddies. Sean and Mark and I started off fishing together back in our school days in Dublin and have been fishing together on and off ever since.


Among the venues we have fished over the last few years is a Lough up in the mountains somewhere that we simply call the Mountain Lough. It is reached after a long trek up a boggy mountainside. I love this place and have written about it elsewhere. It is special, among other things, for giving my son Leo his first trout.

The trout of the mountain lough are really beautiful things and are remarkably uniform in appearance. They are not generally very large. I would guess most are less than half a pound but, every now and then, a much better fish puts in an appearance. Here is a handsome fish Mark caught on a wet fly and which is, by some margin, the largest we have taken.


I am hoping to make a painting of Mark´s trout over the next few days and will lay the keel tomorrow. I will post a picture of the painting when it is done. Meantime, here is Mark´s lovely brown trout.


Mark´s big trout from the Mountain Lough

Mark´s big trout from the Mountain Lough