Jake has been chasing around after sea trout recently. I have added a few fishing reports he has sen over the last month or so.

3 September

Tried the Lee last night for an elusive white trout – yet to catch one there. Hooked one on my first cast – about 1.5lbs but he came off. And that was that apart from a half dozen brownies.

29 August

Had three sea trout last night £ 1 lb. All on a small shop bought Kingsmill on the dropper. They steadfastly ignored my new tyings. This proves that sea trout, like so many of their human counterparts, also succumb to the evils of commercialisation. My own flies were size 10 – maybe they wanted something small. Naturally I was too stubborn to put another smaller lad on the point.

The takes from sea trout are reassuringly violent. You can be fishing away, barely concentrating when you get hammered. After the take and the first few moments I thought the 1lb fish was between 2 and 3 lbs. It got smaller by the time I landed it. This proves that catching sea trout allows them to go back in time and become younger. The other two were about half a pound. Or juniors as us sea trout men call them.

This evening I will probably tie a few clouser type things in preparation for tomorrow evening.

21 August

Spent ten hours on a boat on Lough Currane yesterday in the hope of a decent sea trout or grilse. Didn’t touch dry land once and only managed a single brown trout of a pound. Enjoyable day none the less. Moody like most of the big loughs and in a sullen mood like most of the time I fish them. August isn’t the best month for Currane anyway and the boatman I hired the boat from said ’twas hard going so i figured i’b be lucky. I had quite a few half-arsed rises – fish that only showed once. Apparently the lough is a few degrees above normal so maybe that was it. Who knows?  I saw an article today about a competition there last week – the winner had two of the same flies on his cast as I used for a good chunk of the day – a red arsed peter (that most beloved fly) and a fiery brown, a wet I  hold in high regard. I’d like to get back when the lough is fishing well – one of those places where you could get the fish of a life time. at this rate though I’ll need a few lifetimes.