It is now a week since my fly rod was tipped overboard and begun resting peacefully at the bottom of Davy Jones´locker. At this time of enforced abstinence from fishing, and while the rod´s successor is being procured, I figured it might be a good time to introduce Jake. 

Jake is my brother, although he is not called Jake at all. Somehow or other he just happened to pick up this name and it seems to fit him so well that I have abandoned his usual name (Sean) as well as his actual name (John) during our informal correspondence.

Sean, or Jake or whatever you want to call him, has been fishing pretty much forever and I don´t know anybody else who is more completely besotted with the whole business.

During July we sneaked off fishing a couple of times to fish from the rocks off Valentia Island. The rocks can be quite slippery here, and before the rain had turned the place into a skating rink threatening to deposit Jake´s two boys into the Atlantic, we cast flies out in the hope of picking up a pollack or two. 

Sean had a single cast and the result was a nice fish which we kept for dinner. My own efforts were rewarded only with a tiddler which was returned. Leo float fished with limpet and took a nice ballan wrasse. All in all we had a fine time until the heavens opened and the  and we all got thoroughly drenched.



Sean with a fly-caught pollack taken at Valentia Island

Sean with a fly-caught pollack taken at Valentia Island