Somebody told me the other day that, before Kim Kardashian decides what picture most flatters her and makes it onto social media, she might go through a thousand or so pouting selfies before deciding which makes the final cut. It is evident in my own photos that I do not engage in this process of whittling down and the result is that, more often than not, I look like a complete moron. PR and I were fishing together last week and I tried to get a snap of the two of us on the river bank. We are both exceedingly cool individuals but somehow or other the photograph does not seem to reflect this reality. Not even close.

Looking cool is all the rage now. If you catch a fish it is a requirement to balance your rod and reel over the back of your neck and hold the fish up and grin before nailing that selfie. Then, of course, you post the picture on Instagram or Twitter or whatever and hope that everyone in cyberspace thinks that you are the most accomplished angler who ever lived. Maybe you will get a zillion followers and everyone will love you. Deeply.

That´s the theory at least. Naturally, I was hoping it would work out this way for me. I figured that I might catch the odd fish or hook up with a few fishing buddies and stick a couple of pictures on the blog and I would “melt the internet” or whatever the correct term is. Frustratingly, international fame still eludes me, and PR too.

I might as well chuck on our photo from last week.

Maybe that will turn things around?

She might be glamorous but how many gypsy barbel do you think she has caught recently?
This is a bit more like it!