I don´t think I´ve seen a bigger smile on Steve Lawler´s face than that the one he wore yesterday evening when he was holding up a big black bass. We had been fishing Concepción which, to be honest, has been pretty hit and miss with us as far as bass are concerned. Whatever the outcome, it is a wonderful place just to be, and so we never regret visiting even on those days where the bass decide not to play ball.

Steve did well during our short visit and the big bass was about his 9th fish and was the best of the lot. He was paddling back to shore, where I had myself just disembarked, when the fish snuffled up some odd looking wormy thing he was fishing on a drop shot rig. This turned out to be pretty fortuitous because he didn´t have a camera on him and I was able to run down to the water to capture the moment.

The fishing was so good that we decided that a return visit is in order and so have pencilled in tomorrow evening. Hopefully we will have even more to smile about.

Some fish!
One for the album!