Catriona and I have just spent a few days in Glasgow to see our Daughter Pippa graduate. It was a real blast. The formalities took place in Bute Hall which is a really lovely venue and it was a very proud moment for us both.

I know I usually bang on about fishing but this blog is a diary, or at least as much of a diary as I keep, and this was a milestone that I wanted to commemorate. Pippa and her cohort had to spend a significant part of their course under lockdown and it is a great credit to them that they showed the resilience to see it through and to achieve so much.

Who knows where Pippa´s journey will take her? We are very proud of what she has achieved academically but it is her lovely positive personal outlook and her good humour that delights us most of all and which will play into her hands going forward.

Congratulations Pipster!

What a Bute!
A big day for the Hogans! Pippa with her MA in English Literature (first class!)
Out and about in Glasgow