You may remember a fly that we have used here to extract the odd fish from our rivers when they are a bit off colour (the rivers, not the fish!). It is a mop fly and both the barbel and carp seem happy to take it as they grub around in their murky world. In a moment of silliness I named my version of this fly “Marge” on account of its resemblance to Homer Simpson´s wife.

What I am about to write is really further silliness and so, if you are a sensible person living a busy and purposeful life, you should really stop reading immediately and go and do something worthwhile.

Still there? That really doesn´t reflect too well on you! Never mind. Let us proceed……..

I have been fooling around a little with Marge. This is probably grounds for divorce and so I hope my wife doesn´t find out! I thought Marge might lose a little weight. In my shallow river the fish will often spook simply because a weighted fly splashes down relatively noisily. For that reason I am less in favour of tungsten beads than I was before and am looking for ways for nymphs carrying weight to touch down as quietly as possible, perhaps with some soft material to help cushion them.

And so Marge was tweaked a little. She lost a little weight and I hope that might make her a little more attractive. The other little change, for no good reason other than the fun of experimentation, was to tease out the fibres at the core of the “mop” and tie them in as little “legs”. And, as if she was not beautiful enough, I gave her eyelash extensions in the form of pink dubbing. And her hair? I couldn´t change that. How could anyone improve on that eye-catching hairdo?

You should see her now! Marge now looks like she spent the day in the beauty parlour and is so pretty that I doubt there is a fish in the river that would not be smitten by her. I could be wrong about that though.

I certainly have been plenty of times in the past.

This is Marge before her cosmetic enhancements
After her visit to the beauty salon
The real Marge Simpson – a woman of unrivalled beauty
This carp, equally of unrivalled beauty, accepted the “standard” Marge
Mark´s lovely barbel fell to the beautified version. How could it possibly resist?