I have a pretty soft spot for a little article I sent to FlyFishing and FlyTying monthly some little time ago. It never appeared in print until the February edition which popped into my postbox on Monday. To be honest, I suspected it might be considered to be a little risqué for readers of a conservative disposition and that the editor might have decided against using it. After all the average fly fisherman is no spring chicken and the thought of naked young women could be positively hazardous to him if his cardiovascular system is not in absolutely tip top condition!

As a matter of interest I had published another version of this thing, and with the same title, here on the blog and I noticed that the title matched up to a pretty popular internet search term. I suspect that there are readers out there who were interested in naked Slovenian women in a very literal sense. They may have been in the market for some saucy pictures and I can only imagine how disappointed they must have been to find themselves looking at articles on fly fishing and similar crap.

For the life of me I can´t find the article I sent to the magazine and so will offer the old blog version instead. It ain´t as good as the published version but that´s life for you.

Aqui está:

Naked Slovenian Woman

On Saturday I spent a day fishing with Steven Lawler on my local river. Steven is a very experienced and accomplished fisherman and has fished many exotic locations. He has also fished several of exulted chalk streams of England, the “Holy Grail” for lowly heathens like me. He has also enjoyed wonderful trout fishing in Eastern Europe. On the banks of the Guadalhorce he told me an intriguing story about a fishing adventure in Slovenia.

I don´t know a whole lot about Slovenia, to be truthful, but it turns out that it is very beautiful and has remarkable fishing; pristine rivers, free-rising trout. It also turns out, as it happens, that the natives of that country are pretty uninhibited sorts who think nothing stripping off of sun bathing along river banks in the nude.

Anyway our hero, oblivious to such things, was standing in a pool on some trout river, when a young lady who had been sunning herself nearby decided it might be nice to cool off.

In the finest traditions of Slovenian sun bathing she wasn´t wearing a stitch of clothing, or a bathing suit of any sort. She approached the river and eased herself into the water.

Steven of course, being an Englishman, and understanding the need for rules and protocol, as refined and developed on the finest fisheries on earth, continued to study the surface of the river and not would not allow himself to be distracted from the business at hand. (Or at least so he claims!) He just continued to scan the river for signs of rising fish or of hatching insects.

In the meantime, this attractive young woman was wallowing in the refreshing waters of their shared pool before swimming over to him and began to strike up a conversation.

What a story! As soon as I heard it I began to ask about whether I could afford a week´s holiday in Slovenia.

Honestly, I didn´t realise the trout fishing there was so good!

When Steven recounted this particular tale my jaw dropped and it did not occur to me to ask the question which has since formulated in my mind. “When she swam over what did she say to you?”

Unfortunately my life experiences have never offered me the opportunity to discover what naked ladies that you have never met before, might want to bring up in discussion.

Maybe, as the two of them stood together in the river and, as the cool and soothing Slovenian waters, flowed around her naked body she simply asked…..

“Is anything rising?”

Naked Slovenian Woman was published in FlyFishing and Flytying monthly February 2020