I have made a rule not to talk about politics on this blog. After all, if like me you follow the shambolic events in Westminster, you don´t need any other pundit putting in their tuppence worth. Nobody can agree on anything. People lie. People obfuscate. And, miraculously, we can remain bored, frustrated, hopeful and despairing all at the same time. What a circus!

The problem fundamentally is that Brexit is a dumb idea and the more you look at it the dumber it gets. Anybody with half a brain knows this. The UK parliament is full of people with half brains and so there is little genuine desire to fuck up the lives of ordinary people which is something that Brexit, to an extent not yet fully quantifiable, is certain to do. In fact it has done this already.

Last weekend I was in London with my good lady and we went into central London to make our feelings plain. We were not alone. There were about a million of us. It was reassuring and uplifting to see, among the throngs of people clamouring for a people´s vote, such a lot of ordinary folk. There were little ones, some in prams, and big ones. There were fat, thin young and old. They had UE flags and banners. They were good-natured, optimistic positive thinkers. These are people who believe, as Trinny and I do, that people are better off within the EU, imperfect as it is, than cutting loose.

When I sat down to write this I didn´t intend to set off on a big diatribe and so I better reign myself in. Those deluded morons who fantasise about the sunny uplands of some post-Brexit utopia are not fooling us. Or at least they are not fooling most of us. If we were allowed to express our views democratically we could tell them so.