Yesterday I went fishing with my son. This has become a pretty rare treat and we probably now only manage to fish together once or twice a year. The fishing was slow, as it happens. We had only one fish between us and Leo caught it.

The problem now of course is that he is telling everybody who will listen about how much better a fisherman he is than his old man! Not only did he catch the fish but then, not long afterwards, he decided that he was pretty hot and he went and sat in the shade and pretty much called it a day. In the meantime I went sneaking around trying to persuade some docile cyprinid to take my little nymph. But like I say I caught diddly-squat. Those barbel just rolled their eyes at me.

Of course Leo´s account of how much of a better fisherman he is includes details like his spending half of his time chilling in the shade while I was out working the water and I´m sure further embellishments will turn up on subsequent retellings.

Today is Leo´s birthday. He is 23. His mum is not around at the moment and so there is nobody telling us to be sensible or to go to bed when we should or ease up on the booze. Last night in celebration of his birthday we pushed the boat out a little. The evidence is outside on the terrace in the form of empty wine bottles. Leo told me at four in the morning that it might be an idea to turn in. This after we had listen to Johnny Cash´s “Hurt” three times in a row. Maybe a he´s not only a better fisherman than me but he might just have reached an age where he has become more sensible too.

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 11.28.50

Primed and ready for action!

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 11.27.34

This was the only fish of the day. Leo beached it and it was a bit muddy and so he wanted to rinse it before I tool a picture. When the fish was immersed back in the drink it turned on the after burners and disappeared!