Every now and again Catriona has to travel with her job and she abandons me for a few days.  She away at the moment and so I have the place to myself. The Spanish have an expression for when a bloke is left to his own devices like this. They say of whoever is liberated in this way that he “esta de Rodriguez”. I don´t know how widely used the expression is even here in Spain. I used it once or twice on the natives and they looked at me as if I had two heads. Incidentally, the guy who told me about the expression is a colleague of mine called Julio Rodriguez. Maybe he was pulling my leg. I wouldn´t put it past him.

Other colleagues sometimes ask me what I do when my wife is away and I am on my own. To amuse myself I have taken to answering that question by saying that I keep myself busy with hookers and cocaine. Between you and me, this is actually not true, but don´t let on to anyone at work. I have my badass reputation to think about.

Life “de Rodriguez” is actually pretty uneventful. During the week I eat whatever can be procured in 45 seconds and, after wandering around the campo with the dogs, tend to settle down with a beer to watch Bosch on Netflix.

Yesterday Bosch was in a plane with a couple of drug dealers who discovered that he was a cop and the were going to chuck him overboard. There´s no way that was going to happen! Before you know it he had killed one and thrown the other one out of the open door that was meant for him.

Nobody messes with Harry Bosch!

Today is Saturday and I am giving Bosch a day off. He could use a break. The drug dealer who he threw out of the plane gave him a nasty cut below his eye. So while Bosch is getting patched up I went off to the river which, at least during the weekend, is what I really tend to get up to when Catriona is away. The plan is to fish for barbel in the river on Saturday and then head down to Concepción reservoir and fish from the float tube on Sunday to see if there are any black bass knocking around.

By the time I´m done with all that fishing I will be knackered and will return to work on Monday looking a little the worse for wear. If anybody asks why this is I will just remind them that hookers and drugs may be a whole lot of fun but after a full weekend of this I could really use a break!


Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 07.40.00

I guess we all have our little indulgences!