On Saturday a bunch of us went on a long walk that took us to the top of a mountain called La Concha. All told, we covered about 17km over pretty unforgiving terrain, often in single file. I suppose you should work on your fitness before such an undertaking but I thought it best to prepare by sitting on the sofa with my father in law and watching Bear Grylls on the telly!

Bear Grylls tells us that drinking urine is a convenient substitute for coffee when out in the wilderness and there is nowhere to plug in a kettle (and of course it has no caffeine!) and that eating rabbit droppings is just a simple question of mind over matter: just pop them in your mouth and imagine they´re maltesers!

As it happens our adventure went pretty smoothly and we didn´t even need to resort to any of these extreme survival measures. Instead we had a chance to enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean and he ridge leading to La Concha offers a bird´s eye view of Concepción Reservoir inland of Marbella where I have spend many a happy hour paddling around in my float tube. It was possible to see in the far distance the snow-topped mountains of the Sierra Nevada and Mulhacen, Spain´s highest peak, and to the south the northern coastline of Morocco.

What a day! We ended up with few bruises and scratches and, unfortunately, some stitches for my friend Heike who had a nasty cut on her leg but, all in all, it was a very successful adventure. Considering that none of us even had to resort to eating slugs, or spending the night in the hollowed-out carcass of a camel, we can breathe collective sighs of relief.

It could have been worse. Ask Bear Grylls if you don´t believe me!


Here I am with on the top of La Concha with Chloe Quinlan who is one of our sixth form and a driving force behind our fund-raising adventure.


Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 19.22.38

La Concha is the spectacular backdrop to many images of Marbella and Puerto Banús. I took this picture from the deck of my own gin palace. (actually I made that bit up. I pinched the picture from http://www.andalucia.com/marbella/fascinating-facts-3.htm)



Concepción Reservoir

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 19.30.20

Crunchy and distinctively flavoured: “merde du lapin à la Grylls” Unfortunately I had no image of my own to stick in so I stole this from: http://www.arkive.org/rabbit/oryctolagus-cuniculus/image-A7192.html