Yesterday afternoon Johan Terblanche and I fished the Guadalhorce. The river was somewhat skinnier than when we had last fished it around Easter time and it was carrying a little colour. Johan is now officially my favourite person in the whole world after he gave me a present of a bottle of Klipdrift brandy from South Africa. I don´t know much about brandy but I understand that this is a bit special. I reckon I might pour some of this stuff into a hip flask my brother in law gave me a few years back and enjoy a celebratory toast if a good fish should come my way.

The river is a bit small now to accommodate two fishermen and so we walked away downstream from where we parked up and I fished my way upstream while Johan walked further downstream so each was working our own little stretch.

We managed a few fish between us using both dry and nymph. Johan took a couple of short video recordings. One was of me catching a fish and the other, which I attach below, shows a few gypsy barbel swimming in the shallows. This is a short segment but gives a good idea of what the river looks like and how the fish cruise around in the shallows. When you look a film like this it seems as though the fish are simply there for the taking but they are very spooky. The challenge is in trying to present a fly without scaring them. Every now and then it all comes together – but very often it doesn´t!


Here is Johan at the end of our fishing session. It was hot when we were done and our thoughts were turning to beer.


Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 11.58.00

One of Johan´s fish (you can tell by the reel in the photo!)

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 11.28.30

My reel this time! This particular fish had been feeding well (lots of displaced mud) in fastish current. I drifted a nymph to him many times and eventually he took. I feared I had foul-hooked him but once I worked him back after his initial run I could see that he had taken the nymph fair and square