I fished yesterday evening with Frank Huisman who is one of our graduating students this year. We teachers may not be supposed to have favourites, but of course we do, and Frank is not only one of mine but of pretty much all of his other teachers as far as I can tell.

One of the reasons we like him so much is that he´s very smart. He always gets A grades in his exams and, naturally, we teachers like to take credit for our input. The truth is he would probably have gotten the same grade if he had been taught by a cardboard cut out of mickey mouse.

In the autumn he will be off to study aeronautical engineering and so he was keen to take another trip to the river to see if he could catch himself a fish or two.

We had planned to fish together about a month or so ago but Frank decided to attempt to kill himself during a vertiginous descent somewhere on his mountain bike. So he was patched up by the medics and our trip was postponed. It is a shame really because the river was in better shape back then.

When we arrived yesterday I noticed that the river has thinned, as happens at this time of the year. My favourite stretch was decidedly “off” the fish having vacated a long stretch of productive water. What´s more, there was a strong smell indicating that effluent of some kind had made its way into the water. It didn´t take us long to figure that we were on a hiding to nothing and so we moved on before even having wet a line.

Plan B was to return to the same river but further upstream but even Plan B was flawed because the river was carrying a fair bit of coulour and spotting fish was a pretty tall order.

And so on to Plan C which was to fish the Río Grande which, as expected, was running clear. The fishing is more demanding here but, to his credit, Frank managed to land a couple of nice barbel in difficult conditions.

So hats off to Frank. He is not only a damn fine chap but a budding fly fisherman too. We all wish him every success in the future.


Frank Huisman



It took a while but perseverance pays off!


Shortly after I took this photo Frank had a second fish. The fish here were very spooky in the shallow water.