I don´t know if there is anything that can surprise me any more. On Saturday afternoon, as has been recently reported, I caught a fish that wasn´t in the river at all but was swimming around in the grass. At around the same time Harry Abbott sent me a picture of his fly fishing buddy David Blair travelling to his fishing spot in two seater airplane with his dog sitting in the back. I don´t know if mermaids are real but I am keeping an open mind. From time to time I glance around on the banks of the Guadalhorce, just in case.

We have four dogs at home but, to the best of my knowledge, none of them has ever flown or, if they have, it might have been surreptitiously when I was looking the other way. I would´t put it past them. Sneaky buggers.

David lives in New Zealand and fishes for the kind of trout most of us only dream about. In about a month, both he and Harry are going to show up here in Andalucía and we will have a crack at the gypsy barbel together. I am looking forward to meeting them both.

I wonder if David will bring his dog.


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Don´t take instructions from the co-pilot!