I don´t know how you feel about it, but life can begin to seem pretty grim at times. The UK today signed off on an engagement and involvement with Europe that they had maintained for 44 years, and for no single good reason that I can fathom. They have set sail blindly into uncharted waters without a map. And idiotic as that may appear, the first prize for idiocy goes, as usual, to Donald Trump who is busy reversing any rational policies of his predecessor. Next in the firing line is the environment. I happen to teach Science for a living and I could probably wander into the primary section of our school and find dozens of youngsters who are more scientifically literate than this bozo.

Listen, I´m sorry to go off on one. I had not really intended to do this. I am usually pretty upbeat about things, but it is saddening to see blinkered leaders who should know better, or at least be better advised, nonchalantly jeopardising the futures of our youngsters.

So where do we get any respite from all this craziness? Well, how about with a bit of lighthearted nonsense?

On Saint Patrick´s day we ran a PTA show at school and I volunteered, as I usually do, to do a little bit of stand up comedy. The theme this time was the life story of the Emperor Penguin. That night went on to raise about 1000 euros for some charities we support in Morocco and I am delighted to say that disadvantaged children will be the beneficiaries of our efforts. In a world that seems to be going off the rails somewhat, it is good to think that there is something positive we can do from time to time.

My friend Dudley Wakeford was kind enough to record my little sketch and, if you are not rushing anywhere, and have 10 minutes to spare you might like to look at it by clicking on this link: Penguin sketch