Málaga seems to be underwater at the moment. The news here is all about flooding and rivers bursting their banks and social media is full of images and videos of people being rescued by helicopter, of flood water charging though urban streets, flooded underpasses, water cascading down into the metro system in Málaga, and of cars and buses immersed in water. There has been at least one fatality so far. We have largely escaped damage ourselves but others have not been so lucky.

The rain here seems pretty unpredictable. We spend a lot of time waiting for it but when it arrives it often comes with a vengeance and on a biblical scale. The reservoirs were said to be well below capacity last week, even following the previous weekend´s heavy downpours but the latest torrent should go some way to putting this right.

It is a shame that replenishing of depleted reservoirs should be accompanied by such loss and damage. To give you an idea of what has been happening, I attach below some pictures that have been making the headlines.