My hold on sanity may seem pretty tenuous at times but I take comfort in the thought that nearly everyone in the whole world seems to be completely off their trolley. Don´t even get me started talking about Trump or the delusional numbskulls who put him in office. If I get started on that we´ll be here all day. Instead, let´s head off to Japan to see the latest evidence that, as a species, we have walked right up to the edge of the cliff of rational thought and are peeking into the abyss. Quite a few have jumped already.

This story comes from no less a source than the BBC and it concerns some 5000 fish that were frozen in ice in a skating rink in a Japanese theme park. The fish, it appears, were already dead but not deemed fit for human consumption and so they were artistically arranged so skaters could see them through the ice.

This seems a bit tacky to me but no big deal but there was outrage among the punters who judged it to be an affront to the dignity of fish or something like this. Maybe that outrage was predictable enough although, in my opinion, it would be better directed against the Japanese fishing industry and the relentless overfishing carried out globally.

What really tickled me though about today´s piece was the statement made by general manager Toshimi Takeda in which he admitted that the theme park had shown poor judgment and that he apologised for this. He went on to say that they would now hold a memorial ceremony for the fish.

A memorial ceremony!

And you thought I was a fruitcake?


What next?