My son Leo has been at home for the summer but he is soon off to London for a work placement with PWC as part of his degree course at York. Despite having been here for several weeks we never managed to organize a fishing trip. This evening we put this right.

I was acting as guide and we managed to track down a few fish. Leo has really come on as a fly fisherman and, to be honest, he really doesn´t need much guidance from me. He hooked a couple of barbel, one of which dropped off after a few seconds, and the other which he played and landed quite skillfully.

On the way back to the car we heard a hell of a commotion coming from the river and pushed our way through the rushes to find some wild boar standing in the river. There were four boar and we both agreed that they were not yet fully grown. They were plenty big enough to make quite a noise though.

I´m afraid the photographs taken of the boar were not great but we had to do the best we could in the few seconds they gave us before they made their way to the far side and disappeared into a bank of canes.


Leo with his gypsy barbel.


One for the album.


Believe it or not there is a river here somewhere!


I´m afraid this is not much of a photograph but it is the best I could manage. Here are some wild boar in the river a little way upstream of us.