After school yesterday I took two of my sixth form Biology students, Frank Huisman and Elliot Lee, to the river to have a go at fly fishing. They had honed their casting skills on the school volleyball court the previous day and were keen to cast a fly where there might be a fish in the general vicinity (we all agreed that the prospects of catching on the volleyball court were not great).

Unfortunately the prospects on the river turned out to be poor too, at least initially, and we abandoned the first stretch we had targeted because there was not a fish to be seen there.

Plan B involved a trip to the Río Grande and a pretty reliable pool. Unfortunately some other guy was there before us and we saw him tackling up at his car.

Remember the story of Cinderella?

She is having a great time at the ball when the clock strikes midnight and she has to leg it despite having a terrific laugh with Prince Charming. We had our own “Cinderella” moment having returned to the Guadalhorce and finally found a few nice barbel within casting range when we realized we were going to step out of the ball in order to meet up with Frank and Elliots´chauffeur (Frank´s mum) at the agreed meeting point and at the agreed time.

So in the end, sadly, the guys didn´t manage to get a fish but they came pretty close and they seemed to enjoy themselves. Each had a reasonable shot at some fish that ventured within casting range. Frank an Elliot certainly have all the attributes of master fly fishermen so hopefully they will persevere and their moment will come.

Once I had dropped off the guys I realized that there was enough light to warrant a trip back to the river and I couldn´t resist the temptation and was fortunate enough to meet up three obliging fish.


Cool guys. Elliot Lee (on the left) and Frank Huisman.


Frank worked a nymph through the water just downstream of the shallow riffle where we might often expect a fish but there was no one home.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 09.09.05

I rested my real on a turtle I met in the shallows but he was not particularly amused.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 09.09.47

Some fish came eventually.



When the guys move overseas to university they will no longer be able to catch this kind of barbel. It is quite a good reason to return to Andalucía!