It is a little while since I fished Concepción Reservoir from a float tube but I did so this morning in the excellent company of Johan Terblanche. Johan is frequent visitor to Andalucía and another fishing nut. He has caught, amongst other things, shark on the fly. Our quarry today was likely to be smaller and less dangerous which is perfectly fine in my book!

We had an early start, having figured that the fish were likely to be pretty torpid once the heat of the day kicked in. I fished fly, as I always do, but Johan experimented with a variety of lures and artificial baits and took the lion´s share of the black bass.

Concepción is a flooded mountain valley with a number of “arms” running north to south and the water is retained on the south end by a dam wall. From the air the reservoir looks like a narrow crawling insect with legs poking out to the sides and the “head” in the south.

We fished the close to the point the Río Verde flows in. Johan paddled off northwards while I explored one of the “legs” poking out to the west. At the moment reservoir is well “topped up” and is really something to look at.

I had not met Johan before today although we has corresponded a little by email. He was kind enough to give me a gift of a neat baseball cap and so I look even cooler than I did before, difficult as that might be to imagine! He is also a keen fly tier and promised to tie me up a few bass flies for the next time we meet up. Hopefully it won´t be too long before that happens.


Johan Terblanche


Johan in action


I hauled out to explore a little of the shoreline.


A little stream feeds into this arm of the reservoir. I parked up and waded carefully hoping to spot some barbel or carp at the inflow but, surprisingly, there were none to be seen.


The scenery here is breathtaking.