I don´t know about how high the cotton is but fish are certainly jumping, or at least they were last Saturday. The Guadalhorce was looking good after having been shaken up a little by recent rains. The fish were in the fast water and I managed to catch some barbel, 10 I think, in the faster stretches.

Heading back home I stopped to take in the view of the fish milling around in the water at the foot of a weir. There were mullet, gypsy barbel and carp all packed together just behind the white water.

There was plenty of daylight left but I did not want to bother them. It would have been easy to foul hook one and I didn´t want to do that.

Instead I took out my camera and filmed the fish leaping on the sill. Only the barbel were jumping and, curiously, the abundant mullet did not participate in this rather dramatic means of feeding. The barbel leap up and are swept back into the water at the foot of the sill. It is really something to watch and so I have attached a couple of short pieces of film below. The first shows the leaping barbel and the second shows the fish shoaling just behind the white water.