Sixteen years ago today our daughter Pippa was born. She has lived pretty much all of her life in the South of Spain but she was born in the South Island of New Zealand, half a world away.

It rained heavily on the day she was born. This was the sustained rainfall that the farmers had been waiting for and which put an end to a long period of drought. All day long, as we waited for her to put in an appearance, we watched the water streaming down the window of the delivery room while the radio broadcast interviews with jubilant farmers. It was impossible to get away from the idea that only good things could come of a day like this, and so it proved to be.

There is too much to say about Pippa to squeeze it into a space as small as this one. So I won´t even try. If you know her yourself you won´t need me to tell you what a lovely person she is. She is friendly and kind and has a heart of gold.

So I will state simply that we are all so proud of her and so delighted by the young lady she has grown to become.