Last night I buried my dog Bonita between some fruit trees on our little plot of land. It was late when I started and I finished the task in moonlight.

She had died the previous night and, truthfully, had been in deteriorating health for some time. We all knew that her days were numbered.

I was probably closer to Bonita than any other dog I have owned and for many years we walked together, usually at night, for a mile or so. I don´t know how many times we did this. It must have been a thousand at least, and it occurred to me this evening that our walks, if linked end to end could take us from one end of the country to the other.

Bonita was about as white as you can imagine and she stood out even on a dark night. She was pretty fat too, to be honest and would gobble down, not only her own food, but her sister´s too if she had half a chance. Her tendency to put on weight was one of the reasons for our nightly walk.

If she was close enough to you and her legs were tucked underneath her she looked like a white cloud drifting a couple of feet above the meandering dirt track we followed.

At night you can have the campo to yourself and there is no one around to listen to you. So it was Bonita who heard many of my most private thoughts and listened to many of the songs I would be too embarrassed to sing publicly. She also listened to some comedy scripts that I was writing, some pieces of which were later performed. Nobody else has heard anything like as much as she did.

We will all miss Bonita. I was the last to see her. Her white silhouette stood in stark contrast to the dark floor at the bottom of the cubic metre of soil I had dug out for her and she was illuminated, fittingly, by the light of the moon.