The sky in not the same size everywhere. In Montana the people describe their State as “Big Sky Country” which seems only fitting in a place with a horizon broken only by the distant Rocky Mountains. I have never been to Montana but I think I would love it there with all those famous trout streams below and all that big sky above.

The sky here may not be as big as it is in Montana but it´s pretty big all the same. And sometimes it is so eye-catching that it makes you stop what you are doing and just take stock of all the drama above you. Yesterday the skyscape was so striking on the way back from the river that I stopped the short journey, not just once but twice, and stepped out of the car to take a few photographs.

I don´t even know how to start describing that sky. The wind was howling pretty strongly. The downstream wind had made a nuisance of itself on the Guadalhorce. But on the way home this same wind was conducting a mesmerizing cloud orchestra and I was happy to forgive it for the trouble it had caused me at the river.

This is the time of year we can expect rain and it is the promise of rain that draws your attention to what is happening above. The light in summer bleaches a sky abandoned by clouds and photographers looking for the post card blue tones often them only in the very early part of the day. But if the clouds don´t conceal it you will find that colour now, and many more besides.

Just look up.