Back in Ireland my fishing buddies Sean and Mark have recently sneaked off for a fishing adventure. It sounds like they had a real blast. I wish I could have joined them. I include Sean´s report and Mark´s photos to give you an idea of what the two boys got up to:

“Back from our adventure in the west and a damn fine adventure it was too, I tells ya. Carra was not in a generous mood and showed almost complete disinterest in our efforts before finally she yielded – in a last minute, petulant ‘oh alright have a bloody fish then’ sort of way. Friday was like the Bahamas and we struggled the whole day long with barely a sign of a fish. Saturday the weather turned out perfect – a good southerly warm wind, good waves and grey skies – couldn’t be better in theory. We caught a small fish early on and then spent another 9 hours flogging the water with nothing whatsoever to show for it. The only bit of a reprieve was the Kelly kettle and some pot noodles on one of the islands. Somewhat re-invigorated we plotted our tactics, set up new teams and set forth once again upon the waters…to be met with further indifference. We had sacrificed the All-Ireland hurling  final replay for this shite and great was our whingeing and cursing of fate. Eventually we gave up all hope of catching anything but just kept going – largely because we didn’t have the wit to call it a day. As we entered the final hour of light and our two lines were out quite close together, to our complete astonishment, a good fish burst of the water, broadside, out of nowhere right between our two teams of flies. Neither of us knew whose fly it had gone for, we both struck until, and as luck would have it for me, she had happened to have attached herself to one of mine. After a good scrap we netted a beautiful 3lb Carra fish –  stunning beasts that they are. Cue scenes of amazement, shock, joy, flabbergastificaciousness etc etc. It’s nice to get a bit of luck for once when it seems there ain’t none to be had.

A splendid night followed in Ballinrobe in a grand, lively pub, lowering pints with a bonus All Blacks-Argentina match on the telly. Blissful.

Next day we fished Moher Lake near Westport – the one where Leo acted as human anchor that time. Weather was perfect – warm, light breeze (easy for rowing) and the fish were in the mood (a mixture of wild and stocked brownies). We caught nearly twenty up to 2lbs – four or five big lads. All on wets with the Claret Bumble and Kate McClaren probably the overall winners but they were interested in most things. Tried the dry Daddy at the end but they had begun to switch off at that stage – which was decent of them as we had to leave at that point anyway. Most entertaining days fishing I’ve had in a long time.

And the above was interspersed with all you can eat breakfasts for €5 and sundry other entertainments. A most excellent adventure.


We’ll send on a few piccies in due course that Mark took with his fuzzy phone camera.”

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