While I have been immersed in deluge of exam marking here in Spain, back in Ireland my old partners in crime, my brother Sean and Mark McCann have been doing what they do best – sinking pints and fly fishing for the elusive brown trout of Lough Arrow and Lough Sheelin.

Needless to say I am wracked with jealousy. The only mildly amusing moment I have had over the last few days occurred during the marking if the IB Biology when one candidate stated that the answer to a question was “That´s just the way things are. God works in mysterious ways!”

Somebody like this may not be vying to get into Cambridge on the strength of their academic achievements but they sound like the sort of person who would be good company on a day afloat and in the pub afterwards.

Sean sent me an email with the details and a bunch of photos. The words can follow later but here, to give an impression of their adventures, are a selection of photos Sean sent me…….

Sean with a nice trout

Sean with a nice trout

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