I read one time about a fly tied from a lady´s stockings. The author who described the pattern suggested that the business of procuring the stockings was far more engaging and stimulating than the tying process itself. The stockings belonged to the local barmaid and the author´s principal preoccupation was with ways he might contrive to get his hands on her undergarments which, he happily reported, he eventually managed to do. I can remember almost nothing of the fly itself. I imagine he can´t either. Maybe it was effective, maybe not. Who cares!

Other materials may not quite so much fun to obtain. There is a famous trout fly called the tupps indispensable which, in its original tying, incorporates the urine-stained wool taken from a ram´s scrotum. There are few sheep around our parts. This is goat country. But even if there were, it might raise a few eyebrows locally if I were caught in the act of sourcing this particular material. I am therefore going to dispense with the tupps, however indispensable it is claimed to be.

My advice to you, if you want to lay your hands on this particular fly, is just to go ahead and buy one. I have included below a photograph of a tupps indispensable which I found online and can be bought from Irish Fishing Flies. It costs 75 cents. You will notice from the photograph that the fly appears to be stuck in a tree. This impressed me. The Irish Fishing Flies people obviously target their marketing efforts to fishermen like me who appreciate that it is in a tree, very likely, that the fly will end its days.

The tupps indispensable

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