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If you fish from a float tube, and are sitting in chest waders for hour on end, you will be aware that it is a good idea to go for a wee before you set sail. Very often the margins are sheer and rocky and so it becomes impractical to haul up and answer the call of nature. This is particularly true of Concepción where Steven Lawler and I set out on Saturday to do battle with black bass.

Mindful of the hard-won lesson about the need to powder one´s nose before setting out, I trotted off into the long grass this morning just as soon as I had tackled up. Continue reading

It´s funny how, even if you catch several fish during the course of a day, the capture of one might stick in the mind far more than the others. On Saturday, when I was joined on the river by Steven Lawler, it was the first fish of the day.

This was the first fish I cast to and it was holding in the water which was just accelerating out of a broad pool and into a narrow stream. The fish was swimming strongly just to hold position and, every now and then, it would slice the surface with the tip of its tail. Continue reading

On Saturday I spent a day fishing with Steven Lawler on my local river. Steven is a very experienced and accomplished fisherman and has fished many exotic locations. He has also fished several of exulted chalk streams of England, the “Holy Grail” for lowly heathens like me. He has also enjoyed wonderful trout fishing in Eastern Europe. On the banks of the Guadalhorce he told me an intriguing story about a fishing adventure in Slovenia.

I don´t know a whole lot about Slovenia, to be truthful, but it turns out that it is very beautiful and has remarkable fishing; pristine rivers, free-rising trout. It also turns out, as it happens, that the natives of that country are pretty uninhibited sorts who think nothing stripping off of sun bathing along river banks in the nude. Continue reading