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My friend Harry Abbott has this habit of wondering off to far away places and catching large fish. Then he goes and sends me photos with messages like “look at these lovely trout I have been catching!”

Well, he´s at it again. In the past I have had pictures of arapaima, blue and golden mahseer, and catfish from Thailand. Now he´s in the South Island of New Zealand helping himself to some fine brown trout. He took a few just recently from the Mataura, the river I used to fish in a former life, when we lived in New Zealand. Continue reading

It just so happens that my camera is waterproof and pretty much bombproof too. I bought this particular model knowing that any camera I owned was destined to suffer physics abuse of the kind which, doled out on another human being, could well result in a lengthy prison sentence. What´s more it was only a matter of time before I dropped the damn thing in the river. If you are interested in this kind of thing, the model I chose was a Fujifilm finepix XP55 and it has served me very well.

Unfortunately I am so thick that it took me more than at a year to figure that I could use this camera to take underwater pictures of fish. It was only yesterday morning that the penny finally dropped and yesterday afternoon I went to the river looking for subjects to photograph. Continue reading